About Yasamine

The Photographer behind the lens



Yasamine Entesari is an LA based photographer who loves to travel for her passion. She has spent the last 7 years learning, growing and mastering the fine art of photography. Within the last 4 years, she has spent the majority of her time maneuvering through press pits and event crowds, camera in hand, on the hunt for the finest shots. She has found her niche in press photography and continues to nextwork and grow within the press community. 

She has also taken the time to find innovative methods to manipulate natural light for creative portraiture. She enjoys a good challenge and isn’t afraid to get down and dirty for the perfect shot. Her goal is to make you not only look good, but to entice the viewer for more. 

To book Yasamine, please contact her via email at pixeletry@gmail.com 


Thank you!



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